:( internal error occurred in the system

getting this insted of judgement in INTXOR question… When i m submiting anything else like just print “hello world”, then its is showing WA means that it’s working…is their anything special in the code???

Internal error => breakdown of cc judge. Wait for some time. @admin might (?) be fixing that issue. You don’t have to do anything for that.

fflush doesn’t work with stdin

@mgch removed fflush…still showing the error

@admin please look into the problem…

Problem seems correct… Please check if your output format is correct…
PS: I forgot to print “1” before each query and hence got this error…
Please check your code… it will have some issue…

@l_returns Problem solved…

@root00198 Great !!

I also got this when I by mistake submit the code of MAXEP in INTXOR xD lol

strange XD

internal error occured in the system?

Even I am getting the same message : Internal error occured in the system. Why is it showing up? I was trying to submit a solution to intxor problem.

I also face same problem in intxor question.
help me.

i am also facing the same problem.

This is because in the output query you are missing “1” or in answer missing “2” at the start.

Facing same problem!