Integer overflow in cpp

Is continuing to code in cpp effecient in cases of data overflow in various problems or it is advisable to apt to other languages like pyth which has no such data limit.

Depends on the command you have over the language, if you’re confident in using external cpp libs to handle data overflow you can surely continue with cpp, else go for languages like pyth or java.
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Strictly with respect to competitive coding-

Learning python or other language JUST due to integer overflow in cpp is overkill. Almost 95% of times, problems make sure things fir inside long long int data type. Then, we can use logs and other tricks to avoid overflow at times.

Also, python and java will take alot of time to compute those big integer calculation. If problem setter purposefully made problem such that overflow may occur, then he will also make sure that python and java get TLE if they use those libraries (happened in week of code- hackerrank s long contest)

For any other field like app development etc. , we need more info like your aim, purpose, data it will usually deal with &etc.

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Yes most of the time problem setters set problems so that problem can be solved profeciently in any lang.

Thanks, I’ll do the appropriate :slight_smile:

Hey thanks !

When you are allowed to submit a problem in a particular language this means that this problem can be solved in that language.

If data overflow is a problem, tourist was never where he is right now. :wink:
Keep looking for efficient algorithms. Language doesn’t matter, if you know how to do you can do it anywhere.

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I think his point in convenience here, obviously to keep everything generic solutions can be done in any lang but input effort may not be same in all cases. :slight_smile: