Inspiration for programmers?

Since Programming is all about passion but there are times when you need motivation, what is the best possible motivation for a programmer??? For where you guys take motivation??


My motivation is this thick:

alt text

it’s a great feeling if you see this after you tried hard to see it - for example: my FLY submissions :smiley:


@betlista Mine is same too, just check out my poly submission It’s huge…

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Motivation is the feeling you get when you see someone excelling in the field and u knew him too may be directly or directly… i get it from my seniors… i am in nit allahabad… many senior code to its extreme… that where i get motivation . frankly speaking, i had no interest in coding till January 2012.
and then i don’t know someone motivated me… and many coders are excelling from my college…

moreover there is Indian performance in acm icpc 2012 to get motivated from… if those guys can crack till acm icpc world finals… may be we can get to atleast regional finals…

best of luck, sparky :slight_smile:


I agree the best motivation is to finally see a program working the way it was intended to. I am fairly new to Code Chef, and I am new to programming in comparison to some people so motivation can be difficult to find for myself(as problems can be very difficult) sometimes but it is these times where you are on the verge of quitting when you may finally see that one missing piece to solve the problem so be sure to never quit.

Once you learn to quit, it becomes a habit. - Vince Lombardi

That quote in itself has sparked motivation for me, simply because it is so true.


really green tick to FLY really motivating :slight_smile:

Fall in love with it. You "ll never need anything else.
As J.K. Rowling says: Love is the strongest emotion.


agree with everyone, but it is best read internet tutorials to learn little by little, I found a few days ago how to program from scratch, but had to translate it, there is the step 2012 free programming from scratch

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I listen to eminem for motivation.

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motivation doesn’t come easily , it may have to join with good stories for individual or some hard situation.

For me, i’m becoming a father that is my story, so motivation comes easily that i’m working hard for my kid.

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Motivation is essential for any kind of thing you’re doing.

For one of my friend I know, programming is his lifetime passion. He has a desire to achieve some “reputation” in Joomla programming & in fact, he is building his own company in this area.

This is to say, when put it as your goal, it’s the best motivation.

For me, I do it as one of my special interest. So I always have comfortable time with this, whether I have a great challenge with programming or not.

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Its all about Passion and Love
I am new to programming and I have learnt only one thing “NEVER QUIT”…
And yes dont waste ur single day…U must learn atleast 1 new thing at each single day…maybe small…
But u must…

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