Insomnia 2013

Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee presents night long algorithmic programming contest INSOMNIA. The contest starts at 2100 IST on 15 March and will last for 12 hours.

Team Registrations are OPEN! A team of at most 2 members can be formed.

Visit for more details.

Prizes worth INR 35,000 to be won!!
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Why did you tag this with dijkstra / editorial ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks, for tagging it with editorial!
It is the only tag for which I subscribed.
So I’ve was notified immediately about this answer.
Which is just in 2.5 hours before the contest.

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I wish I could tag your comment with

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The contest seems to have been delayed . It shows start time as 22:30 IST now instead of 21:00 IST . Delayed by 1:30 hours . @anton_lunyov is participating so the competition will be tough :slight_smile: . He is a finalist for this year’s Face Book Hacker Cup . Best of luck @anton_lunyov for that and this one too .

Let me correct you finally.
I did not participate at Facebook Hacker Cup this year :slight_smile:
Even at qualification round.
I don’t know for sure but it seems that I even didn’t have right to do this as I’ve already signed my offer with Facebook.

@EgorK also will participate at Insomnia.
So the contest indeed will be tough.

@anton_lunyov : Okay , thanks for correcting . So its some other anton in facebook finalists list .

Yes, he is Anton Raichuk, known as RAVEman at TC and CF.

@anton_lunyov , @EgorK : Are you people participating as a team or individuals . I am participating as an individual . @anton_lunyov , can you share your personal email address with me . You can mail it at , if you don’t want to post it here . I need to discuss some career related things . I am an Indian and I have some boundations due to which I can’t work outside my country and not even outside my city / region in India . That’s why I was unable to appear for Facebook , Google , Amazon , Microsoft , Yahoo interviews because even though these companies have offices in India they are not in my region . I have worked in Microsoft India earlier but then I shifted back to my region because the location didn’t suit me and the family needed me . You may be useful for me in getting some career guidance and a couple of other things which I don’t want to mention here . So please if possible share your email address with me . I will not disturb you much , just a mail once in a while .

EgorK has solved all practice problems. That’s why I made a conclusion that he will participate. Of course we will participate individually. I hope this time I finally beat hims since at many last similar contests I’ve finished second after him.

I don’t think I can help you - Facebook is my first programmer job ever.
I am mathematician currently working as an engineer at the research institute.
I have no ideas about other programmer’s job stuff.

@anton_lunyov : The contest has started at 22:00 itself .

Other competitors might be blaming the OP for tagging it with editorials, because now they ain’t gonna have a chance. Anton is there! :stuck_out_tongue:
Good Night, and all the best to all insomniacs!