INOI's Coding Environment

Hey Guys…!! I am participating in the INOI 2017 from Bengaluru. I have a few pretty idiotic doubts…

  • Can I compile code at the INOI…???
  • Will the compiler judge use stdin or a manual input

Yes you will be able to compile and test your code using C++ 11 in CodeBlocks and the compiler judge will be using stdin, just like how other contests at CodeChef use stdin!

Best of luck! :slight_smile:


Is the environment CodeBlocks or Dev-C++ for this year’s INOI

The IDE provided will be Code::Blocks for C/C++ and the C/C++ compilers are gcc 4.9.2, with support for C11/C++11 features (but not C++ 14).
Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

This image should clarify everything :

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The compilers provided at IONI are Code::Blocks for c/c99/c++/c++11(not c++14) eclipse for java 8.
And you will be able to use c++11 standards but not c++14 standards there. So best of luck @sagar19l22

@sagar19l22 If you feel you question has been answered, then please mark it accepted :slight_smile: