INOI Preperation tips

So how are we supposed to prepare for INOI what were the passing cut-offs previous years(2016 and before) and what are the prerequisite topics and what is the most asked topics also some useful links are welcomed.

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@coder_voder: You can refer to this thread, it’s a group dedicated to INOI preparation, it contains short video tutorials, previous year problems, and their solutions.

this question might be of help. regarding topics i feel dp and graphs are most widely asked. and regarding cut-offs ; don’t think that they release any official cut-off’s for INOI.One suggestion - You should definately complete the questions on IARCS judge they are just 44 but cover most of the topics.
Best of luck for your preparations.For any querrys comment below,

Few links -


This is what I am doing -

  1. Learning c++ from
  2. Going through all the Iarcs Study Material.
  3. I will be solving problems of the Iarcs Online Judge.
  4. Doing all the past years ZCO and INOI problems.
  5. Doing more and more problems in c++.
  6. I have joined the community of IOI at

That’s it.
Happy Coding

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Can i know from which channel of YouTube you are learning C++?

I also have a doubt: Can I compile programs and run them at the INOI in the Dev-C++ environment…??

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This is really awesome for learning C++ STL.
[](Topcoder Tutorial)


@animesh_f that is one of the best ones even I found. I also liked the hackerearth and geekforgeeks tutorial. @coder_voder I am learning c++ randomly from youtube so I can’t really say which channel.

@mathecodician you are really doing great i hope you will qualify for INOI.

@coder_voder Thanks but I don’t think there is a very good chance although I am trying my best because I don’t know graphs till now and also I am very less c++.
Best of luck to you as well.

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