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I want to know about ACM ICPC, ZCO and INOI I know that these are some kind of coding contests, but I don’t know how can I compete in them?

And what is the eligibility criteria for respective contest?

Exactly when they are held?

How can I apply?

Am I eligible?

For ZCO & INOI i will suggest you going at and for ACM ICPC at even you can check for ZCO, INOI & IOI(the last level) and for ACM ICPC you can also look at

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ZCO is held in November.

Please edit your question and change IONI to INOI.

For schedule of ACM ICPC India look at

IOI’s official site is at

ACM ICPC is world’s biggest coding competition. You can find more details here :

Regarding ZCO and INOI, they are regional and national level computing Olympiad respectively which form a path to the IOI (international olympiad of informatics). You have to be a school student for appearing for these olympiads. You can go to the link for more details.

Any school students from K.G. to 12th are eligible for ZCO, INOI & IOI However for ACM ICPC Only college students are eligible.

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For more details about ZCO, INOI & IOI i would suggest you sending an email to

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