INOI 2017 Preparation

Hey Guys… I am a C Aspirant and I need sources and tips for learning C and improve my fluency in C. I had participated in the ZIO 2017 and now I am selected for the INOI. Can anyone please help me…??

Are you sure you want to use C? You surely can, but you’ll have to work a bit smart, it’s not as simple as that sounds.

Knowing everything about C/C++ doesn’t matter much in OIs but what matters is how fast can you implement algorithms to solve problems. This link was the only one I found for C:

You don’t need to be knowing everything but you should know about functions, arrays and data structures mainly.
That was the usage syntax part, there are more important concepts of algorithms.

You can learn them from good places on the internet like Wikipedia pages, TopCoder, CodeChef tutorials and practice.

How should I analyse and implement the data given to form a flowchart and write a code for that…?? Any tips and suggestions for that…??

If you’re thinking you could make a flowchart; that’s time consuming enough to be the difference between qualification and rejection. Keep your strategy short and simple. Start coding as soon as you’ve designed.

That is what is puzzling me… I am unable to analyze the given data to frame a program to achieve the same… Can you tell what is the strategy…??

I also have a doubt: Can I compile programs and run them at the INOI in the Dev-C++ environment…??

What is the IE that will be provided at INOI for java, or will it be the same as ZCO?