INOI 2015 results

So, the scores of INOI have been sent to the participants individually. How did you guys do? Share your scores here. Let’s make a guess about the cutoff.

My story was a bit sad-- I got a zero, which was what I expected since the code I submitted for P2 was the raw undebugged version (which I didn’t get time to polish up). However, turns out that it only required a few tweaks to work (my debugged code: ; parts in comments are the portions I couldn’t debug and included in my submission)-- the debugged code now gives the correct answer for all testcases! I mailed them in the hope that they would make these minor fixes, to which they said they can’t. So I guess a zero it is. So close. :frowning:

Anyways, here are some of the scores I know of:

Sreejato Bhattacharya (me): 0

Sagnik Majumder (dibyo_99): 120

Mriganka Basu Roy Chowdhury (mbrc): 200

Debjit Paria (debjit99): 100

Others willing to share their scores here? Also, I believe Sameer Gulati and Malvika Raj Joshi both got 200?

(Sorry if this was a double post; I can’t find any similar posts made recently.)

I got 130.

Siddhant Bansal is getting 200 while Dakssh Anand is getting 100. I’m getting just 60 :frowning: