Indian Sports Programming Championship A talent hunter for young Indian coders hosted by Amrita School of Engineering, Coimbatore

Hi I am Vivaan Gupta from class 8 I am doing CP for around 6 months now would anyone like to form a team
for the upcoming contest for school students.

If anyone is interested for forming a team with me please tell below ASAP.
The contest consists of 3 rounds and also top teams will be selected for the winter camp in Amrita University.

Vivaan Gupta


Hi, I am interested. Plz contact me soon, whatsapp: 9835582472

How did you get to know about this? Also, how to register?

I got to know from Facebook and for registering it will be hosted on codechef so you can register then

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Are u on codeforces

I messaged you on facebook please see:)

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Can you please give the link where you saw it on Facebook @aloo1304?

yes i am in codeforces, but i dont participate regularly in contest, i prefer practice more due to time related issues.