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Three questions GNUM, LUCKG and SEAEQ that were around medium difficulty and should be solved after reading the editorials receive 8, 4 and 3 upvotes respectively. A dude wasting hours in finding cheating cases (even after Codechef doing it themselves) gets 19 upvotes!


And probably this thread would also get more upvotes , currently 5 more than 2 editorials :confused: .

A suggestion: The weight of an upvote can be made proportional to the voter’s karma.

Then the rich will keep getting richer while the poor will complain


Ah the Irony!! A completely useless post not benefiting the community in any way gets 5 upvotes(4 after my downvote). Do not clutter this forum with useless stuff not related to codechef or programming, This is not a social networking site.


IMHO, it would be nice as content will be judged better.
I didn’t get how the rich will keep getting richer; it all will depend on the quality of the content.

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Proportional to the voter’s karma != proportional to the voted’s karma.

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“Karma” hardly matters. Only the real karma gets rewarded (in the contests)

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