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HackerEarth kicks off this summer with India’s largest online programming contest - IndiaHacks 2014. We invite all top hackers to a 24 hour programming contest with 7 challenging problems.
The challenge will run from 29 Mar 2014, 08:00 PM to 30 Mar 2014, 08:00 PM. IndiaHacks will be run in partnership some of the biggest tech companies in India where they are going to give prizes/swags to the top developers.

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There are some exciting prizes up for grabs for the winners of IndiaHacks! The first 3 winners will win -

  1. INR 10,000 Cash prize vouchers from Flipkart
  2. One Intel power Samsung Galaxy Tab 3
    And that’s not all!
    Rank 6 - 10 will win an Intel powered Acer Iconia Tablet.
    Rank 11 - 15 will win Apple iPod Shuffles!
    And there is more!
    AWS is giving $50 AWS credits to 200 developers from IndiaHacks.
    Flipkart is giving away INR 2000 prize vouchers for people with rank 3 to 50.

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