Incorrect scores for TANKS in the DEC15 long contest final standings

The final standings of the DEC15 long contest show incorrect scores for the challenge problem TANKS. Many contestants are shown as having a score of zero! The TANKS problem page shows the correct scores, though. For instance, among others, the contestants with the top 4 scores for the challenge problem are shown as having a score of zero in the final standings of the contest (@mugurelionut, @ceilks, @dario2994, @rns_kjch). I reported this issue already at [email protected] a few days ago, but nothing happened. I find it very hard to believe that Codechef is not capable of properly updating the final standings of a contest and, yet, this seems to be the case.

@admin: Please take a look at this and update the final scores properly.

It’s disappointing to find out that there are so many bugs related to the rejudge of the challenge problem and it’s even more disappointing that the Codechef team doesn’t seem to notice these bugs (e.g. they started sending emails today that “Your CodeChef goody is here DEC15”, despite the final standings being incorrect - which a simple visual inspection would show).

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December has been a very busy month for codechef as they are sponsoring and providing platform for the ACM-ICPC regional contests in India at multiple sites. I guess it may be a reason for ignorance of all these bugs in december.

Hi @mugurelionut: We have constantly noticed these bugs, we made few changes from our side to figure out the issue or so and rejudged the problem thrice. But it looks like there seems to be some bug from spoj side. We are not sure about this why this is happening. We have already requested them to look into the issue. So the issue might take some time to get resolved. We are really sorry for the situation.

Hey all, The issue with the scores of TANKS has been resolved and we have recalculated the rankings for December Challenge 2015. We regret the delay. You can now go and check the final rankings for the contest.

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