Actually its quite absurd that I am suggesting a improvement because I am nothing in front these young minds however I wanted ask why does code chef not use the problem checking style as used by google code of Jam because a person can improve only when he knows where his program is going wrong thus if all the test cases are given then one could just review then and improve the program. I know it would be like one can do it on his own just by calculating each test case on his own but something should be done for improvement

Is it really possible to see the test cases on Code Jam?

@japoorv If you know well on every attempt the test cases get changed

No I mean that in practice mode in google code jam then all test files are same in a similar manner code chef should also use it in practice mode

Why do people keep on insisting on seeing the test case files themselves?

Codechef and CodeJam serve different purposes as a programming platform and, as such, it should come naturally that the way the contests are organized is also different…

Codechef is definitely more directed towards the educational side (as you can see easily from the Codechef for Schools initiative) while CodeJam is more aimed towards more experienced competitors and it also has a more limiting factor which is the fact of having penalties for wrong submissions… Those are all aspects which make a difference in how the contest is managed…

Having to download new input files everytime a submission is wrong simply means that you can’t just “guess” what the input is…which, in competition terms is the same as saying: “you don’t know the input files”, just like it happens here.

Regarding the fact you pointed out, of seeing the files AFTER the contest… what for? What advantage does it give to you, if say, you couldn’t find an overflow for a specific input? After seeing the file, it will be obvious: "OH right an overflow!!!#, but, if you couldn’t deduce it yourself, it means that possibly you approached the problem the wrong way initially… and “hammer - fixing” a solution by seeing the input file will not help you in the long run… At least, not in my opinion…