important suggestion!!

hey guys!!
i have been thinking since last month that editorial for the special problem in monthly long challenge
(i.e. challenge problem) should be provided by one of those who have scored perfect or maximum points in that
challenge problem.
if it is possible then it will be great experience to learn to handle these type of problems for other coders
as well.To make this happen kindly show your support through comments.
think about it and give your opinion in the comments!!


I think this is a great idea .This way different types coding styles will also be exposed


This sounds good and may be we will get to know about the better approach to solve the problem

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yeah!! @admin must think over it!!

Yes this is a great idea!

This is a great idea! I also was thinking about writing some editorials, but I thought only admin could write official editorials of a contest problem.

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No, anyone can apply to Codechef to write editorials and questions-

You can check others’ solution by clicking on their score in the ranklist.

An editorial also explains how the code works (and various different approaches). Reading and understanding from raw code is a lot harder than you think. Not everyone has time and skill to make an editorial (for eg. the top scorers might not be interested in it or just don’t have enough time).
But then again, if you want to know, you can read through others’ solution via the ranklist.

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As Arvind mentioned, having an Editorial section would be great for the ones who want to learn. But to be honest, for the ones who are really interested to learn can always go through the codes and solutions of any problem after the contest is over.
Moreover, it depends whether someone is willing to write an editorial for helping other peers by consuming his/her own time. There has to be some really good reward mechanism for that. Codechef authority needs to look into that.
But yes, having an editorial would be helpful at the end of the day.


This will really be a great initiative if followed.
By this actual involvements of the participants in the process of learning will definitely increase.

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@amitrsjit_bose first of all thanks!! for suggesting the concept of “good reward mechanism” . i think @admin must think about the feasibility of this idea.

hi @arvindpunk u must know that understanding someone else’s code is very tough. so i came up with this SUGGESTION (it is only a suggestion) .
i know that someone may not have enough time to provide an editorial of their solution but if @admin will introduce a good reward(like a genuine rise in their ratings) for such editorial, then i think somebody might provide the editorial for such problems. at the end, this only a good suggestion for @admin and it will help a lot for other coders as well.

Thats a good idea, if the person who scored maximum in contest will provide the editorial then we would understant how he/she treat particular kind of problem.
It will help everyone who reads editorial Of challange Problem specially!!
I am completly agree with that and I want this too!!!. But I did’t have enough Votes for posting any Stuff!!!

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