important figures of programming world

i feel obliged to open this topic. cuz i think, most coders here for sole reason: coding. and coding has its ethics imho. i would love to mention, some pioneers names, who has gone behind the borders of computing world.

1 - Richard Stallman: leader of free software foundation, strong supporter of the movement. gnu gcc, fsf stuff “belong” to them.(unlike commercial companies, fsf supports freedom, so most thing they publish belong to every body, actually)

2 - Eric S. Raymond: open source advocate(there is difference between open source and free software), author of The Cathedral and the Bazaar(omg book, imho)

3 - Donald Knuth: famous for his masterpiece - The Art of Computer Programming. most terms in CS, algo or prog circles are coined by him(imho)

4 - Paul Graham: i would consider him as a fully fledged hacker. he is co-founder of YCombinator, which is considered as Harvard of Silicon Valley. follow him on:

5 - Joel Spolsky: co-founder of Stack Overflow, posts on Joel on Software.

6 - Linus Torvalds: linux founder.

@kuruma thank you bro, always appreciate your help

@garakchy :slight_smile: Don’t forget to mention yourself :slight_smile: Every coder in the open source community who codes because he enjoys it is a very important figure in coding community :slight_smile:

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