Image Processing (Recognition)

Hi all,

Problem Statement
I need to recognize the word when a sign is performed.

I am currently working on a project for Indian Sign Language Recognition. I’ve segmented the head and hand regions. I’ve used particle filter to track these 3 regions and I obtaining the trace of each of these gestures as the feature(using centroid of each region). After obtaining the trace , can I use DTW(dynamic Time Warping Algorithm) to classify the gestures?? Or can you suggest some other method?

I, along with my teammates, worked on a similar project named ‘Hand Gesture Recognition’ during final year of my undergrad. My team used Hidden Markov Model for the pattern recognition part. Maybe you can also use the same.

Thanks , Can you suggest best place to learn about HMM. I don have any clue on how to implement it. Pls help me with resources