I'm surprised how the June long challenge ratings have been updated so quickly (immediately after the contest got over). How did CodeChef make this possible?

I’ve been active on CodeChef for the last 1 year and have never seen a ratings update so fast. It generally takes more than a week to upto a month for that to happen. I’m really happy and impressed that this happened so fast and would really appreciate if this happens always in the future too.
I’m curious as to what happened this time and how was CC able to update the ratings so fast this month?


All the delay is due to re-judging issues, this time points for the Challenge question were given quickly hence it did not take time to rejudge all the solutions and update ratings. :slight_smile:

This is because they have made some changes to their existing pattern.


Contest gets over. Now the submissions are run through plagiarism checker. Things are checked, positive results manually verified, then ratings calculated. Cheaters are punished before rating updation. Plagiarism checker took good amount of time for long contest.


Contest gets over, immediate calculation and updation of ratings. After ratings updation, submissions are run through plagiarism checker. If anyone is found guilty, his ratings are reduced immediately.

Since plagiarism checking runs after rating updation, its possible to update ratings quickly.


its because they change their previous algorithm

the new programs are very good.it is totally change.new program help me in some competitons.the functioning is very fast.