I'm not good in math . Can I become a good coder? if yes how?

I’m not good in math . Can I become a good coder? if yes how?


There is not much detailed mathematical analysis but you need some basic maths & that’s quite obvious.
You can definitely become a good coder.It is your hard work & persistence that matters.
You can see this video . It’s quite motivational & I think will help you

Sorry But you can go to the higher competitive programming.For competitive programming you need good maths you should know complex number, trigonometry , co-ordinates , etc…
I can give you a link to study math then you will love math
And here it is Click here

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Yes, Khan Academy is the best.

A simple answer is no.To be a better programmer you should have good knowledge of Discrete mathematics especially combinatorics other topics such as coordinate,geometry etc are helpful too.

I rally think that you should go through the profile of Anudeep Nekkanti !

Watch this video! It will change your whole mindset related to coding!

Do give a try over the track of ProjectEuler+ on HackerRank where it has over 170 problems which involves coding involving mathematics.

It will surely improve your mathematical thinking and increase your grip on Number Theory.

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Yes! So true!! I agree, hackerrank’s Project Euler is nice for maths. Also, the contests like “Ad Infinitum” (which are purely mathematical based) will be beneficial. Also, generally they don’t ask the “deeeep mathematics”. The basics and formulas are what must be clear in your mind.

Well, “not good at math” is incredibly vague. You should definitely study math from online resources like KhanAcademy.


I am also not much familiar with maths concepts, But I found this on ArtOfProblemSolving website, They have lectures related to competitive maths like for mathematics olympiad this will surely help in competitive programming.