I'm facing glitches in this month's long

Why there are so many glitches occuring on Codechef website during this month’s long challenge . Let me give you an instance there was a question named UNIONSET that I solved in June Long Challenge. Just to check my approach I solved it with a brute-force approach so that I can get partial points. What I got were 100 points and after that though the ranklist updated my total points but its still showing that UNIONSET is unsolved and also NEO01 was showing RE(NZEC) on the first day.Next day the same submissions have been evaluated as correct answer don’t know why all this is happening.Slowly and steadily I am losing faith in Codechef due to all these technical glitches.
Thank You !


Yeah, even I faced something like that.

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It happens on almost all websites.We should cooperate with them for their minor mistakes and don’t loose faith.

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NEO01 was re-evaluated with some strong test cases. Hence, it must have been the transition phase in which you faced those glitches. We should try to co-operate with CodeChef.

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This mostly occours in case of re-judging transition, but they do put their best into it to make it as convenient and genuine for the users as possible.

Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. The change in NEO01’s verdict must have been caused due to the re-judge which had to be done because of some issue with the testdata (extra whitespaces). It has been resolved now.


Hi, Sorry for the inconvenience. But i am unable to submit my solution for NEO01 after the contest is over.Could anyone suggest a way to check the solution.
Thanks in advance

Its moved to practice section. Find it here- https://www.codechef.com/problems/NEO01/