Idea for a new practice problem category

I am member of codechef for some time now and I think that a practice section containing past IOI problems will help students prepare for programming contests.

Please let me know what you think about that idea!

Distance Learning Belarus (in Russian)

Yandex IOI section

Not mentioning the possibility of testing problems yourself, the problems, test data and sometimes solutions are fully available and already on several online judges. There’s no point in adding one more.

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It isn’t necessary to be past IOI problems, they could be IOI-style problems and by that I don’t mean partially graded problems!

You explicitly said past IOI problems…

Okay then, you mean problems which adhere to IOI syllabus? Whoever wants Codechef problems should only need to upsolve Lunchtimes. Non-CC problems would need to be added and reviewed, which is quite a lot of work spent only copying and copying. And there wouldn’t be editorials; who would write those? Ugh… no.

And online judges (the first two in particular) have a lot of problems from more local IOI-like competitions. Just solve problems from multiple sites instead of asking for a lot of useless work.

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