ICPC Regionals 2018 Selection Criteria

According to this link, the top team from each institution is selected AFTER the selection of the teams who solved all questions (and their removal from the rank list). Can we safely assume that it will happen this year too?

A quick response will be appreciated.

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Refer to regional websites for their individual selection criteria. Thats the most official thing we can give.

Apart from Kolkata-Kanpur none of the websites say anything.

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I posted that information in that thread by copying the text from the Kharagpur site.

Also, one of the Amritapuri officials said nothing changed in the selection rules from the previous year when I emailed them a query, so I believe yes, it’s safe to assume :slight_smile:

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though I would suggest you to email them once :slight_smile:

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Our team registered for Gwalior and Kolkata-Kanpur, and we ranked 48 overall (but third in the college). The two teams above us scored 5/5, so if the selection criteria mentioned is followed, we might make it to both of the regionals, else none of them.

I really hate this rule of “top ranked team from each college is selected”. It’s not bad, but they should have a cap on the number of questions solved to be eligible for such a rule.



Looks like Kolkata-Kanpur’s rule is different this year :frowning:

Ah, and by the way, the colleges removed from the ranklist who solved all problems are marked as selected, so you probably did not have a chance either ways :frowning: Really sad that you ranked 48 and still not selected :frowning:

They are marked as selected, but the rule doesn’t particularly say anything about their institution, so I think it would have worked out that way.

Funny part is, if we had filled any other site (KGP or Chennai) we would have been packing our bags for the Regionals. Sigh.

I hope it did! I wish you qualify this time :smiley: because obv you’ll do better than us in the regionals :smiley:

what about Gwalior site’s rules?

@utkarsh1997 I feel your pain(rank 71)…everything you said applies for us too :frowning:

Feel you @shubham_bits , rank 2 for Kolkata Kanpur site from our college :frowning: