ICPC regionals 2017 all results declared. So what next?

Results declared

IIT Kharagpur - http://acm.iitkgp.ac.in/selectedforonsite_2017.pdf

Kolkatta/Kanpur Multisite - http://icpckolkata.in/teams-selected-for-onsite-round/

Amritapuri - https://icpc.amrita.ac.in/2017/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/selectedteams.pdf

IITM, Gwalior - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0r9LajL0nPhcnk4SVlWN3hTT3hKenB4cG9LbHlHZXMzOFdF/view

Hindustan University, Chennai - https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/mobile/folders/1A5alb4B29hs4BFzPDWgHOp-NGzBU91EV

So guys now that you know you have been selected for which site. So what are your expectations, which regionals are you going to go?


91 teams selected with a single question and 88 with 2. (Amritapuri)
Probably some team with 4 questions solved is not going to get selected and some who registered a day before will be selected.


That is true, ICPC rules have been weird, either be the best from your college or won’t get selected. But that also kinda makes sense, since it is ** Inter-Collegiate Programming Contest ** So everyone represents their college. It is not an individual or a team competition. It is an Inter-College Competition. So yes being from a good college sucks. But if you want to showcase your talents then there are competitions like Code Jam, Snackdown, Hacker cup etc

So yes being from a good college sucks.

As long as I get over 20lpa job offer, no. :stuck_out_tongue: :3 XD


Did you @vijju123? Congratulations :smiley:

But we were just talking about ICPC. Being from good college not only increases the probability of high paying/better profile jobs, it also has lot of other perks like better chances of good college for MS, knowledge and quality LinkedIn connections (I mean good network of friends :p)

Atleast they can increase the number of seats per regional site so that the best can also be selected and also diversity of colleges is there?

when will chennai results published ??

When will we know whether we are going for Kolkata region or Kanpur region ?

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Well, increasing seats per regional is an infrastructure limitation rather than mandated rules (Correct me, if I am wrong).
It is not about diversity but rather the basic philosophy of the competition which is Inter-College. When multiple teams are allowed from a single college, it is basically to fill slots rather than giving the opportunity to the best (coincidently it serves the purpose). Remember all those inter-school competitions (Debates, elocution, cricket, football?. Every school sent their best teams.


Online rounds are not for selecting best teams, but best colleges who can field their teams (Coincidently again the procedure of selecting best colleges also serves in selecting best teams from that college). So everyone who is complaining about this rule is questioning the very basic philosophy of this competition.

Compare this with football, Italy didn’t qualify but Japan did.

There are a lot of better teams around the world and yet Indian teams get World Final slots. If it was about the best teams around the world, I ain’t sure if India will have as many teams in the world finals.



@shashank96 - Nah, just going by statistics. Lol, the probability goes to 1.000 (just like selections of ICPC if you top your college) if you work decently enough.

Just thing is, at the bottomline, there are good and bad sides of everything. And life is about accepting and adapting to it. If you regret being from a good college just because of ICPC then you are thinking really in only one direction (i.e. narrowly). Just analyse your performance, and work harder, thats the funda :slight_smile:

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@vijju123 Is that the average? Wow, our college even though boasts about being in top 20 of the country lacks far behind in packages I guess, we hardly have 6-7 students above 20 … though a average does come out to be 15 lpa

Yeah, true that. I just don’t like when someone complaints on exactly what they signed up for. I am not complaining from being from a good college, I am going to both the regionals I applied for (Kharagpur & Chennai too mostly). Competitive programming scenario is not that great from our college, with just 5 teams participating this year.

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We got selected for the Kolkata Kanpur onsite. How and when will we know which city we need to report to? We have to book train tickets accordingly.

when will we know the result of gawalior site.

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What matters right now is you’re selected. Work hard dear :slight_smile:

Yes, We are wondering that too.

The results for the remaining 2 regionals will come soon, hoping for the best


Gwalior Results Out - http://icpc-iiitm.com/#works

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Whats the next procedure after selection for Chennai Onsite? Where to confirm our participation and where to make payment ?