ICPC preparation

Where can i practice questions and view the solutions to past years ACM icpc regionals ad finals questions?


this is the place where you can practice with your team.

Here is the complete list of ACM-ICPC Past year round (INDIA),

Online Preliminary round,

Four onsites

India Final at IIIT Gwalior,

or if you want to find more from previous years than go to all contests section and scroll it down to dates around October in 2015 (or more )and I hope you’ll find all the ICPC contest problems.


Hey @sandeep_007! Thanks for the links.
Can you pls describe me the process of registering in ACM ICPC? I mean where and when to register and as per my knowledge the qualification rounds will be held on CodeChef. Is it true??
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @dishant_18 , I have already written quite a few answers on ICPC you can follow here. https://discuss.codechef.com/questions/107844/acm-icpc-in-asia/109178

If you still feel your questions are unanswered, please feel to ask.

Yes, qualifications round will be on CodeChef.

@sandeep_007 those are actually the mirror contest links. I suppose it doesn’t matter because the problems are the same, but if anyone cares the actual contest codes are of the form ACM16SITE where SITE can be KGP, KOL, CHN, AMR or INF.

@dishant_18, follow this page for information and instructions.

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icpc archives

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Thanks guys!!