ICPC Kolkata/Kanpur region

We got selected for the Kolkata Kanpur onsite. How and when will we know which city we need to report to? We have to book train tickets accordingly.

I had mailed them regarding this. They told me to wait till tomorrow (18 Nov) evening.

Hey, visit this site and check your allotted city : http://icpckolkata.in/teams-selected-for-onsite-round

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There’a a list on the official website for the teams that got shortlisted. Follow this http://icpckolkata.in/teams-selected-for-onsite-round/. You can find the city allocated for you here.Onsite registration should begin by 10’o clock in the morning on 23rd december. So it is better to reach the city by the late evening of 22nd or early morning of 23rd. Hope this answer helps :slight_smile: