ICPC Kharagpur results?

Is the ICPC Kharagpur results out?
Will there be any changes between the number of seats i.e 60 ? will it be extended :P?
Because i heard that the total number of seats in Amritapuri was extended…


total number of seats in kanpur was also extended. And as per kharagpur site refrence 75 top team will be selected so which one is right figure 60 or 75 ?
And @admin when will the result declare ?


Today I called kharagpur for asking when the results will be out!!. They told that by this weekend(i.e by 17th nov) they will release the list of selected teams,most probably…:slight_smile:


who waits for that already one problem screwed whole contest!!


also if there are 105 colleges which could solve atleast a problem and only 60 (tentative slots), so is there any chance of more than 1 team being selected from a college?

P.S. I tried calling to iit kharagpur, and asked the same question. He told that there’s no chance of more than one team getting selected from one college, since the number of slots is quite limited.
Also the slots could increase upto 75 (tentative).
For the result query, I got to know that hopefully tomorrow they would be declaring the results.


That is interesting…:slight_smile:
But how many teams?Any news?

See here for a rank analysis by me, just an attempt at guessing if we were in :smiley: http://mysticprinces.blogspot.in/2013/11/acm-icpc-kgp-online-round-rank-analysis.html


@bipin2 probably 75, i called today and asked for this too!

that must be awaited

75 only 75?? :frowning:
Atleast 800+ teams participated nah!!?

@predator0 http://discuss.codechef.com/questions/28815/icpc-kharagpur-results/29357

The list of selected teams for the onsite has been published:



is this an official list of the selected teams?

A totally disappointing result for many caused by one and only one comment…:frowning: