ICPC Internal Errors (STDDEV)

Our team, 6C1, submitted the code of the second question (STDDEV) at around 30 minutes into the contest.
Instead of any verdict, the status showed internal error. We time to time looked back at that submission in the hope that it would have been corrected by then.
When it was directed by Codechef to comment on the question regarding STDDEV issue, we commented and got the reply at around 1 hour and 30 minutes after the start of the contest. As the submission was wrong, we submitted the correct solution after 30 minutes.

Had we received the verdict initially, we would have submitted the code 1 hour into the contest.
Extra 1 hour got added to our submission time just because of the delay from the Codechef side.

If this issue gets resolved, we have better chances of getting selected for the regionals.

Team Login ID- acm17in0454

@admin, How are you dealing with this issue ?