icpc india 2017

does anyone have any clear information about the online round details for acm icpc in india and also regarding the fomrat on whether it is a common online round or different online rounds for each site

Hey @rrah97,

As soon as ACM-ICPC India regionals start their application for this year, CodeChef will automatically write a blog or an article describing the proper procedure of ICPC. So in the meantime, it would be good if we focus on increasing our aptitude and programming skills so that we can represent INDIA and perform better than previous years. Let’s have some belief in CodeChef community.

If you need any details regarding previous years ACM-ICPC you can follow this link.

Edit:- All details of ACM-ICPC 2017-18 can be found here

Happy Coding,

thanks for the info

Codechef’s ICPC 2018 page is up now. Follow it here for details.

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there are 5 regional places, so can we register only in one or more ?
i am taking part for the first time so the online rounds of different regionals will be on different days or it is the same ?


Also, any info on last date for registration?