ICPC 2017 Online Round - Confirmed Or Not?

Hello Codechef community,

Is the date for the ICPC Online Round(2017) confirmed yet ? I know it has been stated as November 5 , but is it official?

There hasn’t been any explicit mail from Codechef yet, and also the Contest link isn’t listed in the “future contests” tab. Last year,I believe all these steps had been taken by this time.

PS : My apologies if this query had already been raised previously. I tried to search for the same, but couldn’t source it out.


I also have similar doubts !!!

yes with 4 days left , no user id’s or nothing has been conveyed till now.

ICPC for Schools 2017 occurs parallely with the main ICPC Online Round and Contest Page displays the date as well as time for the same as 5 Nov , 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Its high probability that there will be no change regarding date and time, but lets wait for the official confirmation when main ICPC Online Round Contest appears in Future contest.

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Hi @akshayvenkat97

The online round is confirmed for 5th November.

The accepted teams should expect their respective log in credentials by tomorrow EOD.

Feel free to get back to us on goforgold@codechef.com for any query.