ICO online judge rankings

In ICO online judge there are not any changes in ranks. I have seen this same thing 2 months ago. Atleast the second rank has never increased his score to reach the first one.

  • What is the way of rank calculation here?
  • If a new user starts tomorrow can he/she end up in rank-1 anyway?

The link rankings page.
ACtually there is no one with same score 3411 for almost 7-8 months(anurudhp). That’s why asked this question.

It looks like the score is just the sum of the scores for individual problems. So just solve 35 problems with 100 points each and you’ll be on top.

I also started practising IARCS Online Judge in my School.

My user name is shantanubanerjee

Rank Is the Rank according to the sum of the points gained in solving each Problem.

YEs, @ceilks is right.

Solve 35 problems with 100 points, you will gain rank 1. :stuck_out_tongue: