I want to run my code for a competition question. competition is over

I just want to test my code for the test cases to check if it works… is this possible somehow

find it in practice->beginner

it has all the , in easy you will get and then in medium

It’s simple, just remove the contest name from the url and voila you will be directed to the practice section where you can submit the problem.

For example:-

then remove AUG17 (Contest name.)

Hope this helps!

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After a contest ends, all the problems are moved to the practice section. The URL of a contest problem looks like “www.codechef.com/CONTESTCODE/problems/PROBLEMCODE”, and the corresponding URL of the practice problem is “www.codechef.com/problems/PROBLEMCODE”. So you can easily get from the contest problem to the practice problem.

This has been asked so many times, @admin please consider putting a link on the contest problem page to access the practice problem page.

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