I wan't to learm networking in C++..

i am making a project in which networking is must. so i have to learn networking in C++

Unix Programming-Sockets API vol. 1 by Richard Stevens is an excellent book.
The Internet is also a great place to find resources.
We were taught this course this semester and it was fun…

Networking under C++ is not recommended . I can just recommend using C# or Java. Gd Luck

@utcool_13 >> In our current semester, we have Networking Lab in which we are creating basic Server and Client Chat programs right now. I am also learning it, starting with creating sockets and learning about them. I followed this book : TCP/IP SOCKETS IN C. Practical Guide for Programmers. By Michael J. Donahoo and Kenneth L. Calvert. It explains Sockets nicely and the code is very much readable. You can understand the concepts just by following the code examples given.

Implementing then in C++ won’t be tough.
Good Luck!