"I want to ask a question" - Ask them all here!

Please only ask a question here if you don’t have sufficient karma points to post a question

Hello guys,

As you all are aware, many times there are genuine users who wish to ask a question, but dont have karma for it. They then, have to resort to means of either asking their question in other threads, or request someone to upvote them so they can ask a question.

As we have seen last month, some fake accounts were used in malpractices in discuss, and they also gained karma by “I want to ask a question” thing. Hence, now it is becoming increasingly difficult to differentiate between genuine users, and fake users.

This thread is my solution for it. Any user, with less than 3 karma who wants to ask a question is requested to ask it here, and if the question is upto standards (meaning it needs more than those “one line answers”) then we (at least I ) will convert your “answer” here into a question.

In short, post your question here, and if its a good genuine question, it will get posted as a separate question by using “Convert to question” feature.

In case your question required only 1 line answers or such, we would comment it on your question.

You guys are requested to direct any such guy (who wants to ask a question) here and not “free-upvote” them, so that we can avoid any duplicate/irrelevant questions (as questions posted here would be verified first, before converting to question).

Note to @admin - We will require your active participation and help in events related to deletion of any spam content here. Also, since only admins are ones who could delete answers, it is requested that you keep an eye out on this thread.

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Users are requested to give their views as COMMENTS to this question.

Only questions should be posted in this thread (to keep it clean)

Pretty cool idea


I think it will be better as a community wiki.


If you feel so. :slight_smile: . BTW, now i can also see the revision history :stuck_out_tongue:

Lol, you have enough karma to ask a question. You could have asked directly :stuck_out_tongue: .

Hm, if C# option isnt there, i think you will have to switch to some other version for C++ . Drop a mail to admins too, see if they can help. :slight_smile:

Write header file correctly

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Header is correct but it is showing error as SIGABRT

Please try to comment such one liners.

Great initiative @vijju123 !

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Not sure if discussing this is allowed or not. Perspective of @admin and other members requested.

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I just want to make sure that they put differences for other languages. I even tried on 2000 task at the same time, didn’t get more than 1.5 Secs!

Have you seen this: https://www.codechef.com/problemsetting ?

@prakhariitd i haven’t! i feel a bit foolish now, i’ll go through it! Thank you very much!

Ok. If the issue is genuine, a thread is justified.

If your issue stands resolved, please comment here so that i can delete the answer. If its not resolved, it’d be converted into a separate Q.

Point 2 & 4 is cleared. Point 5, sort of. Rest still stands.

I am a learner in programming .Where can I search for algorithm .I mean ,tell me a good source website to learn algorithms.

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geeksforgeeks.org is best website for this. Also, there are tutorials on codechef, and many answers which deal with how to start coding/learn algorithms. Give forum a search (cant provide link atm, any other user who can is requested to provide link)

I can’t reply to ram_mahidhar directly, but here’s a good book for beginners: