I want the author and the tester of the problem "Chef and Circle run" to respond to it..

Author: berezin
Tester: xcwgf666

Chef and circle run problem is set and tested by these guys…
I’ve been asking for their response for past 5 days…
This is ridiculous…
How could they be so irresponsible not being active during contest…
The problem itself is badly composed and it is tested as badly as it is set…
I do challenge them to prove my code is wrong…
Instead I will prove that their test cases are wrong…

All the testcases are right . u dont need need to challenege tester and author because if codechef verdict is wa for your solutuion it means your solution is wrong because there are many coders which are getting AC verdict


You got AC ryt…

The problem CHAHG -Chef And His Garden seems unclear

Will the sequence for n=5

h1 < h2 < h3 > h4 < h5


h1 < h2 < h3 > h4 >h5

be also considered to be a zig zag sequence along with others?

PLEASE HELP,it has wasted most of my time!

Thank You

no… the sequence you asked about is clearly not zig zag

So only 2 sequences are possible

h1 > h2 < h3


h1 < h2 > h3

for n=3 say

But I am getting WA for implementing it .

You have to find out the intervals in which the sequence would be zigzag…

I wish I could downvote this question further, but I don’t have enough rep. Because I don’t think they can be more active than they are presently.


When will editorials for August Long Challenge be released?

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yes , i got AC