I want a help???(Those are from delhi)

Hii can anyone tell me how is coding blocks for competitive programming course.
If you were a student can you share your experience.
P.S. I know this type of question will be offended but I think this is the best programming community I have got.

I am from Kolkata but I went to Delhi once when the workshop was on so even I registered.

I would say that the overall experience was not as good as I expected it to be. Most people there didn’t enjoy competitive programming but were just doing it for the sake of getting decent placements. Even the approach to competitive programming of the mentors/instructors were not good. They coded with lengthy functions and helper methods which were not actually needed(Kinda like geeks4geeks).

I gave an alternative solution with the same time complexity but they said it wasn’t “Their method” so they won’t accept. Also, most of the instructors there are themselves rated green/grey on codeforces and 2 star on codechef. I only found some of the lectures useful then(I went there a year ago) like game theory and DP.

In the end, there was more advertising than sessions(Even the topics that were said will be completed before the lectures were not completed). I still receive spam emails and WhatsApp messages from them.(I wish I could somehow unsubscribe but they still send even after I pressed that unsubscribe button).

By the way, in the end they even asked us to write good stuff about them on quora(On a question which was asked by one of their own members).

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Why do you think that this question will be offended? I totally think this was not a bad question, asking for reviews will help others choose wisely.

Hi , I studied in the summers of 2016 . I took the launchpad course there and it was helpful for a beginner like me . Though the topics that were taught there can be learned if you have the determination to self study and a good grasp of the language . Can’t say much about the cp course but Sir is really very nice .

@trashmaster read my answer, did similar stuff happen to you?

Yes it did . But for a newbie , it is a good place to learn new concepts :slight_smile:

By the way , why aren’t you participating in long challenge?