I think this user has two accounts

I think that this user has two accounts on Codechef.
The usernames are:

  1. peehs-moorhsum

  2. moorhsum

It also appears twice in LOCJUN17 Ranklist.
Could the @admin please check?

I think such things are best reported to admin in private via mail. The reason is that, in case the user turns out to be innocent, a lot of mud would be thrown at you, and ultimately such activities will result in strained relations b/w users and tension in forums. Its better to take no risk and report it to admin in private.


Ok. I’ll do that. Thanks for the tip. Also, can you delete the question. If yes, then please do.

you can delete question yourself.

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@hruday968 I am not able to. Is this because this question already has an answer?