I think there is an error in the Question CHEFSIGN 2017 Long Challenge.

According to the question we have to insert n+1 numbers in between n signs and tell the largest number.
What would be the answer for say “>><>>”
for me the ans would 4>3>2<3>2>1 so the ans would be 4 while codechef doesn’t accept this answer, according to the tasks the answer would be three.

How come is it 3? Can someone explain?

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I will strictly recommend that you ask such clarifications AFTER contest, even though you have solved the problem. Any such cases will act as hints for others and will just give them an unfair edge over you. The points for which you sweated this much will be easily attained by others by just seeing things here.

You ought to have explained your situation to the setter via comments and clarified it there. They keep comments hidden for this purpose.