I/o in challenge problem for JULY 17 challenge

I am unable too process the i/o for the interactive problem.Although i know it’s a problem from a running contest but i have wasted a number of attempts already without being able to even get an extremely silly approach being passed.It would have been better if the author had provided a code snippet for reading and writing the queries.Can anyone help?

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This isnt the first interactive problem. Why not search forums or check out other such interactive problems? It can help.

i have done interactive problems previously.And i am pretty sure the approach i am using is too naive to give a WA so the fault is somewhere in read/write operations.Can’t figure out anything.

Okay, I thought its your first time with the interactive problem.

In this case, issue can be anywhere…Give the problem a closer look for any details you might have missed. Thats all i can say, since contest is live atm.

Someone can definitely help out with i/o though even though the contest is live.Nothing to do with the problem’s logic i guess.

Here you go http://codeforces.com/blog/entry/45307


Thanks for the link,though i figured out what mistake i was making :slight_smile:

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I have got -1 time for challenge problem in the past and I have corrected it, but now I am not able to remove it. Can someone tell what are the reasons for getting -1 as the time?

As far as I can guess from my own submissions, a slow solution results in WA with time -1.00 sec.

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Doing what removes it?