i managed to learn c. now what should be my next step?

i am a beginner. i have finished learning c. what should be my next step??

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u should practice easy problems .Along with that try to have grip on concepts of data structures and Algorithm.

  1. http://www.quora.com/Computer-Science/What-are-video-lectures-available-free-which-an-undergraduate-student-of-computer-science-must-watch/answer/Aakash-Giri
  2. http://community.topcoder.com/tc?module=Static&d1=tutorials&d2=alg_index

you could refer to various books for Data structures. one in my mind is tennenbaum and for algorithm is cormen.


Try to compete in july’s long contest :slight_smile:
It’s within an hour.

Also try codechef’s easy problems

Most of them have an editorial link at the bottom which is why i recommend it.

Edit : Also codeforces A and B problems (most of them have editorials as well).

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Code, code, code. Learning is useless if you don’t apply your acquired knowledge.

Since you asked on Codechef Discuss, I will strongly suggest you solve problems on Codechef (the ones mentioned in other answers).

But you won’t be able to solve all problems easily. Because C doesn’t have data-structures (like set, map) or algorithms (like permute). So after a little while you may want to learn C++/Java/Python.

cormen is a huge book …should i read all of it. if not what parts should i concentrate on @a9393j007…pl help. im clueless

@vineetpaliwal sir could you help me out

you could focus on some key algorithms like dynamic programming,greedy,divide and conquer. also go for some algos related to graphs and trees.
some key algos are prims,kurskal,dijikstra,floyd warshall .
there is a good site for various algos related to c,graphs,trees and presentation is nice.
just go through the link.
also practice is really important to be good a programmer .so practice problems on codechef and go through there editorial. and side by side do some work on your algos. while practicing you will come to know which algos are generally required .

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@imcode keep practising from the practise section and in contests. i would also suggest that you explore some introductary courses on coursera.org , edx.org, and udacity. these courses will have fixed schedules and assignments helping you practise and learn in an organised fashion. i would suggest 6.00x on edx and design and analysis of algorithms part 1 by stanford as starters to learn various concepts in programming.
udacity is also good because you can watch the lectures any time you like and not necessarily as scheduled by them giving you more flexibility. good luck.

Try all the programming tasks given in code chef .Don’t Just stop here…try to excel in C,C++ and learn more programming languages so that in comparison u can implement your skills in those languages too.I would suggest to focus next on C++. Then Java(has same modular and Obj. oriented design as C++)which has a wide scope in almost all fields…All the Best !!!