I have been unabe to practice since a long time ....

What should one do in such a situation? when he has to cope with the ending semester … attendance bar and this endless crap Lab Files and assignments


Check this out : http://codeforces.com/blog/entry/43956


say fu** off to attendance(maintain atleast 60%)etc…Happy Coding!

thanks @rohit_jere_rj providing this really helpful link.

No problem! Cheers!

I think this is required…

no one is goin to ask ur attendance and marks except this fuckin* bul**** fake teachers,so enjoy coding…maintain atleast 60%…njoy

@mathecodician @bansal1232

U have mentioned many times not to discuss personal views.

It is competitive programming site and not for college/school discussions.

We need to handle it wisely,if you could understand.

Don’t take me wrong @daljit1…thanks.

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I too face the same problem. Only thing you have to do is maintain attendance (go to classes and look for solving problems from your phone, you will be thinking about the approach in the class and once the class ends implement it at room. Simple!

One other thing you mentioned was about the records, then just write down anything on it or just leave lot of things. They usually throw them in the dustbin so you don’t have to worry about them so much :slight_smile:

Happy coding!

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@daljit1 Practice is important, and pointers(grades) are also very important. I also have an ending semester. This Monday to Friday 5 more days and I’ll be free from books, lab files, and assignments.

You should manage your time by allotting time slots to practice and study. But in exam days you should focus on exams, if you’ll not work hard one night before, you know what happens. :wink:

Study hard finish your exams practice hard and get ready for SnackDown 2017.

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It feels so pleasurable to be with so good people,that help u despite of being unknown .Thank you friends for ur valuable advice!!

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Upvote me i am not able to ask q

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thanks for the advice … but i posted this question only after thinking for a while … not just randomly putting it on the post


Man that was the equivalent problem which i face too till now but yeah later i realise that we can’t escape from this problem so we have to manage anyhow cuz we need strong practice so now a days i am doing coding n feeling better as really it is really very helpful and maintaining my class reputation. So best of luck n enjoy coding.

It’s not the same forum what it was 1 month ago. None of the top 5 contributors except @mathecodician has ever answered a single query related to a problem or algorithm, they just discuss non-sense and I wonder who the hell upvotes their answers?


yeah! @neget you are right. I really wounder why the hell people up-votes to these types of question that has no sense in this discussion forum. There are some guys in top contributors who answer such question on for sake of up-votes and nothing else

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Don’t worry during exam time prepare for exam because it is also very important and in normal days you can practice for hours.
By the way in which year r u currently studying.

I think this would be the last time I would ever post a question on the forum not related to programming. However again thanks all for ur advice…