I don't understand the statement"Sum of |s| over all test cases in a single test file "

Hi All,
I am new to codechef . I want to understand “1 ≤ Sum of |s| over all test cases in a single test file ≤ 10^6” statement .
Subtask #1 (30 points)

1 ≤ T, |s| ≤ 10^3
1 ≤ Sum of |s| over all test cases in a single test file ≤ 10^4.

My solution gives out :
Sub-Task Task # Score Result
1 1 NA AC(0.000000)
1 2 NA AC(0.000000)
1 3 NA WA(0.000000)

I just want to understand the above statement and results . Thanks

When codechef tester tests your code it uses a set of files. While testing each file, your program must not exceed the time limit that the problem states. So what its saying is that in a file of test (which can have several tests), if you sum the lengths of all of the tests, it will not be greater than 10^4, it only has to do with the limit time, so as your problem is a “Wrong answer” that statement doesn’t have to be with your mistake, maybe your code is not working for strings of length <= 10^3

Thank you :slight_smile:

How can I make it work for string greater than 10^3. for c program the max limit is 4095 characters. For java its much larger . I had submitted the solution in both languages but still the subtask 1 task 3 is WA .If solution is working for strings <10^3 then it should work for larger string as well.I dont understand.Please help me out.

You are getting wrong ans in subtask 1, task 3. That means your solution isn’t even working for strings < 10^3. Try to see if the algo is correct.

Thank Sudip.I just want to if my solution is wrong or my code is taking time .So this means my solution is wrong i guess. That is what it referring to ?

The suitable verdicts are given. Please read codechef FAQ as it contains all relevant information.

WA = wrong answer.
TLE= Time limit exceeded (but everything printed till now is correct)

Thanks vijju :slight_smile: