I am young Class_7

Please any one give me instruction to prepare for zio,zco i m not getting which book to study for algorithm and c programming(Learning C because i find it easy to work fast and i have an basic knowledge in it such as array,functions,struct etc…)

Pls Pls… Help

Can you give me an idea, how much you know about programming, based on it I will be able to suggest you proper book.

@codecademy I would suggest you to start with C++. It is same as C but with added functionality. There are lots of things in C++ that are inbuilt and you can use them without writing too much code. And now as you are in class 7th I would suggest you to start with Algorithm Design Manual by Steven Skeinna. Start with some basic concepts like sorting, binary search than move further. Moreover first do some easy problems which don’t need any kind of algorithms. You can find such questions on SPOJ. Along with this start reading Design Manual. And if you are stuck, post your doubt here. We would be really happy to help.

You can use Ivor Horton’s beginning VC++ (till chapter 10) from flipkart.
Even if VC++ isn’t supported , it is very easy to jump to gc++ (maybe I said too much?)
(It has STL (ch 10) and modern C++ functions (C++11 standard)

Maybe this helps

NOTE: VC++ is Visual C++

Book is at flipkart here & ebook here