I am not able to solve this,what should i do?

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I am feeling very low…bcz i am not able to solve this properly.

Edit-Image Added


what u are not able to solve?

May I help you.

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im trying to upload picture,error due to size…wait im reducing size of image

The picture size in preview will be big. But after posting it is fine.


Good then…

@vivek96 Do you want code or explanation?

Edit : Add the Inputs and Outputs.



then i have to add 1 more image…it will look bulky…

Mail me all the contents. I will mail you the code. Email : rj.rohitjere@Gmail.com

check plz.both uploaded

Give me you mail, I will mail u the code!

vivekchadha786@gmail.com,please explain ur approach

@vivek96 I will mail you in 15 to 20 Min. Is it fine?

yes sure…Is this hard problem?

It’s between easy and too tough. Middish types!

any tree etc?

still waiting for ur mail…