I am new to Code chef, what books I need to read to understand the problem

Hi All,
I do find difficult in understanding the problems as its based on Mathematics what books I need to go through before getting code chef pracatise exercise?



hope this link helps…:slight_smile:

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Most important book: Cormen (its not only for maths, but for general important algorithms)

Combinatorial Problems and Exercises (9780821842621): Laszlo Lovasz

Combinatorics: Topics, Techniques, Algorithms by Peter J. Cameron

now i started reading Cormen but it is so difficult to understand topics to beginners like me & you imho, so i would suggest learn c/c++ and start coding. learn the algo on the way

You need to now books with these titeles, find them in libraries:

1-Data structure.
Topics suggested to start with: Pesudo Code.