I am getting SIGSEGV error after running my code for the problem Little Chef and Sums. Where the error is in my code? I can't understand.


hey !
i just saw your code but i didn’t got where you are performing addition of prefix sum and suffix sum?
and yes the error might be in function sum_min because u r not returning anything from that function and its return type is int !!!
so u should add :“return sumpi” at last line of ur function then only sumpi will be assigned to val.
hope i answered ur question and ask me again if u still got errors.

I don’t get it!! So many people are sharing their code in the ongoing contest!! @admin is there any way you can increase the karma limit to ask the questions because most of the new users at codechef don’t know that they are not supposed to share their code or ask questions related to the competition’s questions!! By increasing the karma limit, users will have more time to understand about the competitions.

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