Hungry lemurs hackerearth

Can anyone provide detailed editorial for this problem on hackerearth, hackerearth’s tutorial seriously sucks.

In what tag this kind of problems are fond.

Thanks in advance.

I would say it would be a ad-hoc/maths problem. The way i solved it is by looping over each possible value of k (all the possible value you could increase/decrease monkeys to) and then finding the closest multiple of this selected number to the given n. Now just find the difference between the actual N and K and the values of n/k you calculated and find minimum. Can be done in O(k) as n,k<=10**5

Here is my submission:
(in the loop j denotes k, i denotes n as described above)

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How the solution for the test case 39 16 is 3.


if there are 42 bananas and 16 lemurs then how lemurs would get satisfied.

Damn sorry. It should be 39 16 -> 39 15 -> 39 14 -> 39 13

So 39 % 13 = 0


what approach did you use??


why did you start the loop from j=2*k;

@arpit728 Suppose you choose any no l > 2*k Then difference b/w lemurs would be l - k which would atleast be more then (2k - k = k). So it is better to remove all lemurs (that is possible by k moves).

i = n - (n % j);

This finds the greatest multiple of j less or equal to n

then adding +j to that finds least multiple of j more then n.

can you explain your logic in detail?

let’s take 25 and 7

I dont really see much logic in that solution acording to the themes wordpress of numbers. Parity is never the same.


In your case answer will be 2



Please accept the answer if you understood.