Hey Codechef can u please tell me the way to solve this question without using the BFS DFS search and SIMILARITY PROPERTY as provided in their contest tutorials … I just want to solve it using iterative way can anyone plzz tell me the way how to store all the nodes (characters in the above ques) in just one location (by using vector of vectors) and then iterate over it for each corresponding vector[i] representing the path starting from the i th node ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED !!!

You can create an adjacency list storing all edges vertex-wise.

Make a visited boolean array, keeping record of visited vertices.

Also, initialise ans variable to 0.

Now, loop for all vertices, and for every unvisited vertices, create a stack(queue for bfs), add current vertex and run dfs, and find minimum value of all values associated to all vertices connected to current vertex.(initialise min value to 1e15)

Just add this min value to ans for every unvisited vertex.

Print ans. :slight_smile:

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Here’s my solution(iterative). See it only after a try. :wink:

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import java.util.*;


import java.math.*;

public class Main{

static final long MOD = (long)1e9+7;

static FastReader in; static int MAX = (int)1e6;

static ArrayList[] adj;

public static void main(String[] args){

in = new FastReader();

int N = ni(), M = ni();

long[] A = new long[N+1];

for(int i = 1; i<=N; i++)A[i] = nl();

adj = new ArrayList[N+1];

for(int i = 1; i<=N; i++)adj[i] = new ArrayList<>();

for(int i = 0; i< M; i++){

int u = ni(), v = ni();

adj[u].add(v); adj[v].add(u);


boolean[] visited = new boolean[N+1];

Stack s = new Stack<>();

long ans = 0; for(int i = 1; i<=N; i++){



visited[i] = true;

long cost = A[i];


int x = s.pop();

for(int j:adj[x]){


visited[j] = true;


cost = Math.min(cost, A[j]);




ans += cost;






PS: i have removed my IO template due to its bulky size. ni() inputs an integer and pn() works same way as System.out.println().

Thnakyou so much for ur time and this nice explanation i,ll definitely solve it without using the solution :slight_smile:

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