Hello All,

For a particular submission, i have the HPP and the CPP file to be submitted, now in the text field, it obviously would return an error of the definitions.

Now can i upload these two files and it would suffice ? or please suggest an alternative way to upload these. I do not wish to spend more time on bringing it back to a single CPP.


You can only submit a single file for a code. You have no other option.

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look in online judge there is no option to link hpp files …
simply the one you have written in hpp copy and paste it in cpp and remove some statement like #include “xyz.h” etc…from the only cpp program which u want to execute …

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Hello Sanjay(I believe that is your actual name),

Thank you very much your suggestion. I know this is the way it can be done. But i just did not want to waste any time on this, had there been a way to link the hpp file. I will do this now since you all have confirmed that it is not possible otherwise.


Thank you so much.