hows long ranking system works ?

can anyone explain how long ranking works…?
Initially i had rating 1000 and when i solved one question in 2012 DEC challenge my rating went down to 361 its showing my rating at 2012 NOV is 301? How come it possible ? without participation in NOV 2012 Challenge my rating become 301 ?
And how to get short term ranking ?

Hello vrrevertz, go to your profile and click the question mark next to your rating, it explains how points are awarded in contests… And you actually participated in NOV12, you uploaded a solution to the problem CONFLIP and from that moment on you were participating in the contest, your code doesn’t have to get accepted… And the ratings take a lot of variables into account including number of participants and how many points you obtained and since you gave up before getting at least one accepted solution your score didn’t go higher and at the end of the contest you had 0/10… Just be careful, next time only submit a solution to a given problem during a contest if you want in, else wait for the contest to end to submit it in the practice section… Hope I helped


Just few observations: Your rating won’t change if you do not participate as junior correctly described, but your rank can change (typically decrease) - that’s when someone’s rating change to better than your actual.

As junior described there is a question mark, but it’s written there that holds for short contests, not for long ones. There was also a very good question about long contest rating -

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betlista is there any link that explains how long contests ratings work? If so please post it…

Well I found it and it’s actually calculated the same way as short contests are -