How would you rate december challenge 2014? dec14

This is the first contest I attended in codechef, I got a score of 417.53,

Have I performed well or will have to improve a lot??

Was this an easy contest or a difficult one??

how would you rate it?

Also when will the graph on our profile page update?

I found this one as difficult contest, don’t know about others and it seems you solved 6 might be some partial so its good…

About ratings and rankings it will take almost a week to update, or might be less.


you did good, based on the fact that it was your first long contest. And yes, it was a little more difficult than the usual long contests on codechef.

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you did good. you are at position 251 (possibly out of more than 2K indian users). Be optimistic and yes, you have to improve alot. Actually each and everyone of us has to improve and practice alot. :smiley:
Graph will be updated in a week or more. They do have to take plagiarism into account.
I’ll rate it as a difficult contest in respect to other i have participated in. So i must say the more fun i had to solve questions :slight_smile:

Happy coding and solve question which you were not able to solve in Long!

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4K indian users :smiley:

in 3+ weeks :smiley:


3+ weeks ?

i agree :slight_smile:

but really it’s less than 2weeks :smiley:

well in short ratings will be out soon :stuck_out_tongue:

Why does it take that much time for updating the rating??

Because of plagiarism checking. I have no idea what is the complexity of that. Something like O(N^2) where N is number of successful submissions?

i think nov14 rankings were updated the next day. It is a hard contest compared to others that i have attempted.


yes that’s true but as far i remember after few days ratings disappeared and then again it was updated.

why does it take that much time to get the ratings updated??

Being a beginner,I’d say you did pretty good :). This was also my 1st contest,I was able to score only 170 :P.
The ratings aren’t updated yet. As you can see from RANKLIST it’s “Calculated till NOV14”.It generally takes 1 or 2weeks.

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the ratings are now updated